Addressing the Doctor Shortage: More Than 1,500 Medical Residents Complete Training in Michigan

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This case study article focuses on the Michigan medical education organization Authority Health, and its emphasis not just on training medical residents, but also on keeping them in the state after they complete their residency. “In 2013, when the Authority Health GME program began, only 30 percent of medical students came from Michigan. This year, 60 percent are from Michigan, a number that vastly increases the chances more will stay in the state after their training, helping to alleviate the state's primary care physician shortage.” And this year, nearly half of those residents who completed their training With Authority Health have plans to practice in Michigan.

Highlighting the “slight uptick” in both new physicians and those that are staying in Michigan to practice, the article notes that “most of the young physicians going into practice in Michigan are expected to help replace some older doctors who are nearing or at retirement age. They will help ease the predicted coming shortage of physicians, especially in primary care.”

Delaware is also focused on supporting current and future physicians, as well as other medical staff, and making the that a highly desirable place to practice post-residency. Specifically, Delaware partners with both Sidney Kimmel and Pennsylvania College to provide medical education for Delawareans who desire a career in medicine, and the Delaware Center for Health Innovation (DCHI) is working with state and regional educational institutions to design training curriculums for current providers and medical staff to support healthcare transformation. For more information about DCHI’s Workforce and Education Committee, please visit us at

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