How Value Based Care is Changing Population Health

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How Value Based Care is Changing Population Health (US News and World Report)

As part of the publication’s series on healthy communities, US News and World Report cover the untraditional approaches many providers are now taking to support outcome-based care and reduce healthcare costs. “As rising health costs strain communities and institutions, improving population health has become a focal point for health professionals who say simply treating patients in the doctor's office doesn't cut it anymore.”

This type of thinking requires a major shift for many providers, networks, and payers around the country, as value-based care means more coordination and consideration of patients daily lives. The article notes that it is a long process for many, which is exacerbated by the uncertainty around healthcare reform.

Addressing the unique social determinants of health for each region of Delaware is a top priority for the Delaware Center for Health Innovation (DCHI). Specifically, the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative is a collaborative approach to community health, involving stakeholders from statewide governments, local health systems, community organizations, insurers, and area employers. The goal of the committee is to implement sustainable interventions/programming to encourage healthier lifestyles and improve the quality of life for every Delawarean. To learn more, visit us at

 Articles posted do not reflect the views or opinion of DCHI, but are meant to foster meaningful discussion about the opportunities and challenges driving healthcare reform. 

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