How to Reconcile Quality Patient Experience, Patient Satisfaction

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How to Reconcile Quality Patient Experience, Patient Satisfaction (Patient Engagement HIT)

Patient Engagement HIT looks at the question of whether hospitals should use luxury amenities - as assumed to be inline with patient expectations - to achieve patient satisfaction, or “should quality care drive a quality patient experience?”

And while Thomas Lee, MD, CMO at Press Ganey and a primary care doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston admits that a harp playing in the lobby can have a soothing effect on nervous patients, ultimately he says that the “how” of the medical process is what matters most to patients - how well the team empathized, the quality of the care, and the coordination between providers are all important factors that drive confidence with patients. The article notes, “organizations can deliver on those three factors through a more thoughtful and targeted approach. Beginning with acknowledging the importance of care coordination and teamwork, providers can meet the needs of patients and ensure they have as calming an experience as possible.”

With its own emphasis on patient-centered care, Delaware is already moving providers towards addressing these three factors. Specifically, DCHI’s Patient and Consumer Advisory Committee is designed to ensure that patients (and patient engagement) are at the center of Delaware’s health care innovation initiatives. The vision of the committee is for individuals to engage meaningfully in ensuring their own health and wellness, and to better understand how health care transformation efforts can impact them and improve the quality and cost of care in the state. For more information about DCHI’sPatient and Consumer Advisory Committee, please visit us at

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