Healthier Sussex County Task Force Quarterly Meeting: Presentation Download

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On Thursday July 20th from 8:30 am to 10:30 am at the Carvel Building in Georgetown, DE, the Sussex County Health Coalition (SCHC) held their quarterly meeting. The meeting marks the one year anniversary of SCHC's partnership with the Delaware County for Health Innovation. It focused mainly on Innovative strategies in the School Climate and also in Food Security.

To kick the meeting off, two additional board members (Debora Tyre, and Dr. Julius Mullen) were added to the Committee's Board of Directors via a committee-wide vote.

Following a few words from SCHC Director Peggy Geisler; Matthew Stehl, a representative of Delaware Center for Health Innovation (DCHI) presented the 2017 Sussex County Health Innovation Awards to members of the Healthy Sussex County Task Force for their dedicated work in health innovation. 


Recipients included: 

  • Terry M. Murphy - President & Chief Executive Officer of Bayhealth-Milford
  • Jeffrey M. Fried - President & Chief Executive Officer of Beebe Healthcare
  • Steven A. Rose - President & Chief Executive Officer of Nanticoke Health Services
  • Rosa Rivera - Chief Operations Officer of La Red Health Center (Accepting for Brian S. Olsen - Chief Executive Officer)

Next, a presentation was given by representatives Kim Taylor and Jay Owen of Indian River School District, one of the largest school districts in Delaware, located in Sussex County. The district itself is comprised of seventeen educational institutions and serves over ten thousand students. This presentation discussed innovative behavioral health strategies that are implemented in the district and changing the school climate. These methods, supported in part by SCHC and their results were presented alongside the goals and future plans for the school district. To learn more and get access to this presentation, click the link below:

Download Healthy Sussex Presentation: Innovative Solutions - Changing the School Climate.

Also beneficial to students in Sussex county is food security, an issue which Dr. Allison Karpyn, the Senior Associate Director of the Center for Research in Educational and Social Policy at the University of Delaware, was eager to discuss. In her presentation, Dr. Karpyn mentioned that one of the key's to healthcare is the food in which you fuel your body with. She followed this with the fact that Delaware itself is a "poultry state" and because of this, there are many opportunities not only to get more involved with the local farms, but also to cut out the "middle man" of sorts and get the schools involved in purchasing food plans straight from the farm. Not only would this save the districts money but it would also maximize the effect on school and public health. To learn more and get access to this presentation, click the link below:

Download Healthy Sussex Presentation: Innovation in Food Security - A Statewide Effort.

Lastly, the meeting was concluded with some closing thoughts and words from SCHC's own Peggy Geisler and was dispursed. 

To access SCHC's website and learn more about health initiatives and upcoming events:

Click Here



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