The Future of Value-based Care Starts With Medical Education

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A panel discussion of physicians at SXSW spoke about the need for a redesigned medical curriculum that addresses the new competencies current and future healthcare providers need to be successful in today’s healthcare environment. This includes helping physicians better understand health insurance and the costs associated with health care, so they - and consumers - can make more informed choices. Community health and stronger collaboration between providers and patients were also highlighted.

“The future of health care won’t be changed unless medical school is redesigned,” says Bon Ku, M.D., Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.

Delaware partners with both Sidney Kimmel and Pennsylvania College to provide medical education for Delawareans who desire a career in medicine, and the Delaware Center for Health Innovation (DCHI) is working with state and regional educational institutions to design training curriculums for current providers and medical staff to support a move towards more value-based care. DCHI is at the forefront of healthcare transformation and the Workforce and Education Committee is driving strong efforts to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.

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