DCHI: Board and Stakeholder Open Forum

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Charting a Continued Course for the Delaware Center for Health Innovation

On Wednesday, February 13th, DCHI Board members and stakeholders gathered at the Duncan Center in Dover to discuss the end of the State Innovation Model (SIM) Grant and the continued path forward for DCHI.  Matt Swanson, DCHI Chairperson, opened the Forum with an overview of DCHI’s historic role in health transformation, successes, challenges, and the need to continue the momentum toward comprehensive healthcare reform for the long-term. He also highlighted the important role that Delaware’s stakeholders have played in the work thus far.

"We need to be focused on what's ahead of us, and how we can leverage DCHI as a critical convener, integrator, influencer, and advisor to get there. We need to recognize the high level of investment and business risk that is necessary for innovation and transformation to occur. We need to understand that as the grant funding has declined, we need other resources brought to bear to make sure the journey continues forward."

-Matt Swanson, DCHI Chairperson

State Innovation Model Grant: The Journey Continues

Delaware Health and Social Services Secretary, Kara Odom Walker, followed with a presentation on the goals and outcomes of the Delaware SIM Grant. She touched on the Road to Value, the seven strategies to get there, challenges, and lessons learned. 

"The SIM lessons learned are critical. We're great at partnering and pulling people together in the same room, but we want to embrace those concepts and move forward to continue to push forward in population health. Make sure that we're bringing all populations along. Not just the general population, not just those with chronic disease, but special populations, those with disabilities, minorities, and others who often are not at the table. We want to hear from you in an ongoing way at the state. I know DCHI will continue to pull people together."

-Kara Odom Walker, DHSS Secretary

DCHI Committee Updates

To round out the first session of the day, the Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs of the Patient and Consumer Advisory Committee, Clinical Committee, Payment Workgroup, Healthy Neighborhoods Committee and Workforce and Education Committee reflected on the purpose, focus, and impact of their respective committees under the SIM grant. Importantly, they also addressed the challenges and opportunities ahead to ensure further innovation and transformation across the health care sector: they suggested areas for consideration to build upon the work to date and a path forward for their respective committees.

Opportunity for Stakeholder Feedback

Fulfilling the primary purpose for the meeting, participants participated in small group discussions, Committee Carousels in which they interacted with their colleagues and the DCHI Committee leadership f to provide meaningful input about the impact of the committees’ work under the SIM grant, the challenges and opportunities ahead, the progress and the gaps that remain to-date, and the resources that are needed to continue the work, including support from DCHI.

This stakeholder feedback will be collated, used to strategically plan how DCHI can have the most impact in the work ahead. The report from the February DCHI Board and Stakeholder Forum will be shared with the public.

In Case You Missed It

Those unable to participate in the Board and Stakeholder Open Forum can view the presentation slides here.

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