Consumers Say Patient - Provider Relationship Key to Quality Care

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Consumers Say Patient-Provider Relationship Key to Quality Care (Patient Engagement HIT)

Results from the 2017 Consumer Health Care Priorities Study: What Patients and Doctors Want from the Health Care System show that an emphasis on care coordination and evidence-based care guidelines are key to improving care for both patients and providers.

The report, which includes focus groups from Colorado, Wisconsin, and New Jersey, notes that the single most important factor in care quality and outcomes is the patient/provider relationship. This includes shared decision making based on evidence-based approaches and coordinating care among the PCP and all specialists.

However, beyond these high level aspects of the relationship, the priorities of the patient and provider diverge. “Patients prioritized facility quality, healthcare access, technology, and prevention services, in that order. In contrast, providers prioritized prevention services, healthcare access, facilities, and technology. Specifically, patients find prevention services an intrusive aspect of medicine, while providers find preventive care engagement as fundamental to chronic disease management and prevention.”

These converging and diverging priorities are top of mind for DCHI’s Patient and Consumer Advisory Committee. With patients (and patient engagement) at the center of Delaware’s health care innovation initiatives, the committee is working towards finding common ground between providers and consumers. The vision of the committee is for individuals to engage meaningfully in ensuring their own health and wellness, and to better understand how health care transformation efforts can impact them and improve the quality and cost of care in the state. For more information about DCHI’s Patient and Consumer Advisory Committee, please visit us at

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