Value-Based Healthcare Models Demand Inclusion And Individuality

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Value-Based Healthcare Models Demand Inclusion And Individuality (Forbes)

Glenn Llopis writes for Forbes on how “healthcare providers have spent decades building business models focused on increasing volume,” which “makes it hard for institutions to see and treat people as individuals.” But with the massive shift happening across the country towards more value-based care and outcomes, there is an opportunity to “improve the health of a population and provide a better experience for patients, employees and communities—while managing costs efficiently.” Specifically, Llopis addresses the idea of the “cultural demographic shift” and how, because different populations access healthcare and information in various ways, the healthcare industry is affected.

“The population changes and the healthcare industry’s response to this cultural diversity is a significant paradigm shift and must be addressed in the core strategy of each industry participant, whether provider, payer or physician...This is about transformation. And transformation requires a commitment to inclusive cross-functional and cross-pollinated departments that create an ecosystem that builds upon the required intellectual capital and know-how to better serve individuals within shift populations — and, in turn, better serve everyone.”

Through five concentrated committees focused on creating healthier neighborhoods, practice transformation, engaging patients more in the medical process, and transforming both the educational system and clinical practices, DCHI is establishing itself as a state leader in the move towards more value-based outcomes. With a significant emphasis on population health that meets the needs of individual communities, and a Patient and Consumer Advisory Committee that involves stakeholders from health systems, faith organizations, and advocates that represent specific populations, Delaware is putting individuals at the center of this process. For more information please visit us at

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