Rural Doctors’ Training May Be In Jeopardy

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Addressing the issue of physician shortages, especially in rural areas, Kaiser Health News reports on the potential demise of funding for the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program, which provides grants to community health centers to train medical residents. Unless congressional action is taken (the program has received bipartisan support in the past) funding will end in September.

The Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program is vital to many struggling communities as “studies have found that most physicians end up practicing close to where they did their residencies. But most teaching hospitals are located in urban centers, far from rural regions with acute doctor shortages. Poor urban neighborhoods also have difficulty attracting physicians.”  To date, communities in need have benefitted strongly from this program.

The Workforce and Education Committee, under DCHI, is committed to providing cutting edge education and training opportunities for future health care providers. By partnering with state and regional educational institutions, hospitals and health systems, and state regulatory bodies DCHI is establishing a comprehensive training strategy that will benefit all communities across the state.  For more information, please visit

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