Practice Transformation Learning Collaborative

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Rosaliza Tanchanco, from BayHealth, shares her thoughts on the Practice Transformation: Learning Collaborative, organized by the Delaware Health Care Commission, The University of Delaware College of Health Sciences, the Practice Transformation Vendors supporting DCHI, and The Delaware Center for Health Innovation.  

The Practice Transformation: Learning Collaborative event held last January 24, 2017, was very educational and an eye-opener for all attendees. It was designed to guide healthcare practices on value based care, MACRA's Quality Payment Program, team based care, and reducing healthcare costs while providing better quality care for patients. We were able to hear from experts and clinicians who have shared their successes with improvement activities through the assistance of several practice transformation networks. IMG_0351.jpgI am excited about DCHI's Healthcare Workforce Learning & Re-Learning Curriculum as this aligns with our ongoing Practice Transformation efforts. The whole practice team (front desk, medical assistants, office supervisors, practice managers, nurses,and physicians) will have a clearer understanding and will be better prepared to help their practice be successful in the value based model.

IMG_0338.JPG.jpegThe University of Delaware Healthcare Theater portrays the current happenings within the practice setting well. In fact, it helped us see that we need to do better in our practices. With the University of Delaware Healthcare Theater's support, we will be able to succeed in expressing the importance on our upcoming team based care webinar and providing better service to our patients.

The Clinical Committee is making great strides for health care within the State of Delaware.  Click below to learn more!

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