Population health: The pieces are starting to fit together

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Population health: The pieces are starting to fit together (Healthcare IT News)

This brief article highlights conversations expected to take place at the Pop Health Forum, being held in Chicago October 2-3 2017. “Pop health pieces are many: care coordination, chronic care management, patient engagement, mobile and telehealth, social determinants, value-based care — not to mention government policy.”

Data is called out as well as a critical piece of the puzzle, specifically how it will “set the foundation for hospitals to transform themselves into information-driven organizations aggressively coordinating patients and clinician interactions and down the road toward true value-based care.”

With an emphasis on value-based care and practice transformation, DCHI aims to make Delaware one of the five healthiest states in the nation. Through five concentrated committees focused on creating healthier neighborhoods, moving towards a value-based payment system, engaging patients more in the medical process, data integration, and transforming both the educational system and clinical practices, DCHI is establishing itself as a state leader in population health efforts. For more information please visit us at https://www.dehealthinnovation.org/.

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