Patient-centered medical homes cut costs, and improve quality through collaboration, evidence shows

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Patient-centered medical homes cut costs, improve quality through collaboration, evidence shows (Healthcare Finance)

The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collective (PCPCC) recently released a study showing that, “in most cases, [patient centered medical homes (PCHMs) resulted in cost reduction, quality improvement and utilization.” The survey found that the length of practice transformation and the amount of risk of the patient pool impacted cost savings.

The article also highlights a large and long-running partnership between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and local physician organizations, which has shown successful outcomes. “With numerous stakeholders on board, program leaders pushed an incremental approach that rewarded physicians' efforts, and multi-payer support was engendered by the five-year Michigan Multi-Payer Advanced Primary Care Practice Demonstration Program.”

Delaware’s goal is to be in the top 10 percent of states for healthcare quality and patient experience. Central to this aim is the idea that health care delivery must be integrated, team-based, and patient-focused, with primary care physicians positioned as the “medical home” to ensure quality of care and control costs. For more information about how DCHI and the Clinical Commitee are supporting clinical staff with practice transformation, please visit us at

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