Leveraging Social Impact Technology to Accelerate Healthcare Transformation

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In 2016 DCHI implemented an innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven communications hub to manage multi-stakeholder healthcare communications, to inform and to encourage transparency, input and involvement in the collective work underway to achieve transformation in healthcare.

In partnership with TAPP  Networks,  DCHI has served as an essential hub to  Communicate with and integrate across five Stakeholder Committees  and respective working groups and task forces, plus other invested parties  across the State of Delaware through multiple channels (email, blogs, social media, online resource hub, digital event platform and more). In the past two years, DCHI has leveraged the platform to serve as a model in fostering Collective Impact through the latest in marketing technology communications.

This past year DCHI has further advanced the platform to foster coalition building and optimize communication across key stakeholders. The platform has served to share best practices on behalf of DCHI's partners to amplify and support innovative initiatives that are occurring throughout the State of Delaware and the US.


We continue to innovate as Tapp has developed a customized marketing automation tool and event management system in partnership with HubSpot that integrates: Social Media, Email Marketing, Event Management, A Resource Hub, CRM, and Real-Time Updates.

DCHI HubSpot

Consequently, DCHI has 1) achieved measurable increase in reaching targeted audiences and subscribers across diverse platforms, 2)  further accelerated multi-sector stakeholder involvement and dialogue, informed the work that is occurring or that is yet needed to drive and achieve necessary change.


With TAPP Network, we are continuing to evolve SIM TECH (Social Impact Solutions) to optimize communications amongst key stakeholders and the broader Delaware community; and to drive collective impact in health care transformation through Cloud Collaboration, Open Data, Technology Integrations, and Campaign Automation. 


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