Integrating primary and behavioral care

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A look at the value of integrated care for both the consumer and the health care industry as a whole. Specifically, MultiBriefs calls out the importance of merging primary care with behavioral health, and using the “medical home” approach.  Doing so can result in “reduced fragmentation and costs; improved access to needed services; minimized risk of the over utilization of higher levels of care; and a reduction in depression and other undesired outcomes.”

The article ends with a call for doctors and specialists to look at their processes through a “new lens” as truly effective integrated care will require a transcendence of current practices and provider boundaries.  

Delaware’s goal is to be in the top 10 percent of states for health care quality and patient experience. Central to this aim is the idea that health care delivery must be integrated, team-based, and patient-focused. For more information about DCHI’s Clinical Committee and its efforts to help clinicians achieve greater efficiencies, lower cost, and improved care, please visit  us at

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