Foundational Building Block for The Advancement of Healthy Neighborhoods

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In the past couple of years, Delaware as a whole has worked diligently on creating an atmosphere suitable for a healthier population. With many new and innovative community outreach programs that are engaging the population and probing them to take action in their health care choices, Delaware's people are sure to begin making changes towards better health pathways. But how can we be sure these changes will last?

At DCHI, the Healthy Neighborhood committees role has been refocused from that of guiding the implementation of Healthy Neighborhoods to developing a sustainability plan to ensure a long-term commitment to population health and collective impact of the Healthy Neighborhoods programs. The DCHI Healthy Neighborhoods Committee will also seek to advance integration of clinical and community priorities and initiatives for addressing social determinants of health.

The work of the Healthy Neighborhoods Sustainability Committee will be absorbed by the DCHI Healthy Neighborhoods Committee. The DCHI Healthy Neighborhoods Committee and Health Management Associates will be working together to develop a sustainability plan and the elements required to ensure its success, with a goal of presenting the plan toward the end of this year.

For now, we are pleased to provide you with the DCHI Healthy Neighborhoods infographic which is a visual representation of the foundational work accomplished by the DCHI Healthy Neighborhoods Committee and its constituents. It illustrates a sampling of the many organizations that participated over the past two years and the relationships that were developed and strengthened by our collective impact work. 

Access HN Infographic

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