Engagement Strategies for the Patient-Centered Medical Home

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Engagement Strategies for the Patient-Centered Medical Home (Patient Engagement HIT)

For patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) to be successful, there needs to be an emphasis on patient engagement - especially since patient-centered care is a core concept of PCMHs. The author, Sara Heath, highlights engagement strategies and approaches (as detailed in a white paper issued the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) that health organizations can put into place to create successful PCMHs. Broken out into three categories (patient-centered care, accessible services, and quality/safety), the white paper recommends that organizations:

  • Use patient feedback surveys, comment cards, or patient and family advisory committees to elicit patient feedback.
  • Implement in-depth patient education
  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities for both the patient and the health care team with clients/families
  • Offer timely access to urgent care services
  • Maintain extended office hours
  • Deliver telephone access for emergency care
  • Consult with patients on their preferences for care
  • Involve patients/families in practice quality improvement initiatives

Delaware is already moving providers in this direction, putting a strong emphasis on having a person-centered healthcare system. Specifically, DCHI’s Patient and Consumer Advisory Committee is designed to ensure that patients (and patient engagement) are at the center of Delaware’s health care innovation initiatives. The vision of the committee is for individuals to engage meaningfully in ensuring their own health and wellness, and to better understand how health care transformation efforts can impact them and improve the quality and cost of care in the state. For more information about DCHI’s Patient and Consumer Advisory Committee, please visit us at http://www.dehealthinnovation.org

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