DCHI Payment Workgroup Update: Facilitating Informed Stakeholder Alignment for Adoption of VBP

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DCHI is actively involved in informing meaningful discussion and decision making on payment reform in Delaware, with the intent of driving commitment to stakeholder advised results and higher uptake of aligned value-based purchasing (VBP) models.

Assessing VBP Readiness in Delaware

Since June, the DCHI Payment Workgroup has gathered information on the state of VBP in Delaware, including the readiness to adopt risk. The Workgroup has heard presentations from each of the major insurers and the state on the status of VBP in Delaware from their perspective. Over the next three months, Delaware’s provider community will report on their efforts to date and progress, as well as their goals for adopting VBP.

Other presentations have explored issues such as global budgeting and risk contracting. The committee has used the meeting forums to have more robust discussions around alignment of effort and to begin to move toward consensus on an actionable plan. The workgroup intends to map the state of value-based purchasing (VBP) in Delaware to aid in aligning a stakeholder advised pathway to advance its adoption across all payers and providers in the state.

Delaware's Transition to VBP

To date, the key takeaway from the presentations and active participation of providers and insurers in the DCHI payment Workgroup discussion is that both groups are making concerted efforts to move to VBP models in Delaware.

Currently, the focus is on developing common models with common quality measures. One of the main issues that surfaced is that neither payers nor providers have unlimited capacity to implement numerous different models.

Setting up VBP Frameworks

There has been deliberate and good debate on timing and measurement of VBP in Delaware.  The discussion on timing continues as the workgroup learns from insurers and providers what their capacities are and where they are currently with VBP models. The workgroup has preliminarily agreed to the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (HCP LAN) Alternative Payment Models (APM) Framework as a tool to measure the progress towards VBP.

apm-framework-onepagerDownload framework here: http://hcp-lan.org/workproducts/apm-framework-onepager.pdf

The committee intends to complete its work by January 2019 with alignment and agreement on a pathway to advance the adoption of meaningful VBP in Delaware in the immediate and long-term.

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