MIPS, MARCA, and Mergers, Here are the Top Health Care Stories of 2017

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2017's top physician practice stories include payment reform, politics and changing business models (Fierce Healthcare)

Fierce Healtch care shares the top stories of 2017 ranging from MIPS and MACRA to politics and changing business models. The article looks at how over the past year the health care landscape has changed and taken a new form.

Most of the stories focused on legislation that was passed and different models that were put in place, such as switching the payer system drastically from fee-for-service to value-based care. It was demonstrated that "almost 30% of practices took a financial penalty that cut their Medicare revenue rather than participate in the program." With this subject's implementation still being a key topic of debate, it is hard to predict what the outcomes will be.

Additionally, this year caused many physicians and other medical professionals to jump into the political arena in order to protect many aspects of the Affordable Care Act. Ultimately, the new plan in place "includes a repeal of the ACA’s individual mandate and will lead to millions more uninsured Americans". Going alongside that, we also saw the resignation of appointed secretary of the Department of Health ans Human Services, Time Price due to controversy around his use of "private planes for travel at a hefty expense to taxpayers." 

Lastly, we saw the shift from physician owned practices to more hospital owned situations. because of this, only 41% of physicians own their own practice. Mergers also were beginning to shake things up. With the threat of Anthem aquiring Cigna and Aetna aquiring Humana, there was genuine fear that insurace rates would skyrocket due to the elimination of competition. Luckily though, it was overruled as the risks were too large for it to be considered.

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