Another Voice: Collaboration is taking steps to grow primary care

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Another Voice: Collaboration is taking steps to grow primary care (The Buffalo News)

This op-ed from a Buffalo-area primary care physician (PCP) highlights the risk to patient care as the shortage of PCPs continues, and how his organization (and others) are taking steps to grow primary care in the region.

The author specifically notes involvement in “Primary Connection, a collaborative of more than 200 like-minded physicians from 33 practices seeking to improve the way care is delivered.” He highlights that those involved in Primary Connection are “reimbursed through an advanced value-based model that encourages team-based care[enabling] us to spend the appropriate time with each patient...this pioneering effort is resulting in improved outcomes for my patients, and improved physician satisfaction and professional fulfillment.”

In addition, the author calls out specific support for practice transformation, including data collection and sharing, as well as partnerships with the University at Buffalo School of Medicine to boost recruitment efforts for new PCPs.

The Delaware Center for Health Innovation’s Clinical Committee is designed to support practice transformation and assist clinical practices in achieving greater efficiencies and improved outcomes for patients. For more information about how DCHI and the Clinical Commitee are supporting primary care providers with the move towards more value-based care, please visit us at

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