74 percent of physicians believe communication improves when patients set the agenda

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The Annals of Family Medicine recently published a study looking at the process of allowing patients to type in their agenda for a provider meeting before the visit.  Results show that “74 percent of providers and 79 percent of patients said they believe the process helped improve communication between the parties.” With a preset list of items to discuss that were important to the patient, providers were able to engage patients more in the healthcare conversation. In addition, patients felt more heard by their provider and thought more “about [the] reasons for [the] visit before seeing [the] doctor.” More than 80 percent of both clinicians and patients felt like this process “prioritized the visit.”

One of the key goals for DCHI is to discover, create, and implement strategies to garner more patient engagement in health care discussions and decisions.  The Patient and Consumer Advisory Committee is focused on providing the voice of the patient and consumer across all of Delaware’s health care transformation work and developing specific initiatives to engage patients in this process.  For more information, please visit  us at http://www.dehealthinnovation.org/.

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